Mortgage advice for Kelowna redidents

Posted on June 8, 2022 in Finance by

I compare wholesale mortgage rates from a variety of banks and lenders. This comparison will show you the best rate and the best advice for the lowest cost of acquiring mortgage. Bankers are interested in generating more revenue for their organization, and will exploit clients as much as they can. Although that may sound harsh, that is their job, and they receive bonuses according to how much revenue they generate for the bank. I am a licensed mortgage broker, an independent investment advisor, and an independent insurance and financial advisor. This means that I can see the larger financial picture and help you with all your financial planning needs. We all go through hard times, but there is a solution out there.

Highline mortgages is always on top of current market trends, lending rates and new regulations in order to provide expert advice to their clients. They are respected and trusted Kelowna mortgage brokers. In their combined 20-years of experience in the real estate finance sector, they have helped to fund more than 500 million dollars in mortgages. They strive to be the most knowledgeable mortgage professionals in the industry. The company has extensive experience in saving you time, effort, money, and most importantly, money.

  • This comparison takes the best rate and advice on the lowest cost of acquiring a mortgage.
  • Because mortgages include insurance premiums, clients don’t have to pay.
  • We will give you the facts that your bank won’t tell about financing your next purchase.
  • After our clients have found the right match and all paperwork has been signed, we are always available for consultation.
  • As established mortgage brokers, we have, over the years, formed relationships and links with multiple mortgage lenders.

Best of all, in most cases, there is no cost for my services. We are experts in mortgage solutions and can help you find the right mortgage option for your lifestyle. We are focused exclusively on our clients, and are known for being the most trusted and easily accessible resource. Our goal is to educate our clients by providing independent advice on the financial options available to assist in the decision making process. Getting the best rate is important, yet choosing the right term and product is equally important. We have access to several lenders, which means more competitive rates and options, and our knowledge and experience will provide you with insight on which lender is the best fit.

This gives him the ability to shop around for the best mortgage for you. The Mortgage Centre-BC Direct Mortgages is owned and operated by Ed Kolisnyk and Shannon Brolund, and Chris Kolisnyk. Their team of licensed mortgage brokers is devoted to providing personalized service from the beginning of the loan application process to the final closing.

When the banks turn you away, you can come to Alta West for dedicated and reliable debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, and loan acquisition. Alta West takes the time to get to know you and your circumstances before we can help you find the right product for you. We can take the next big step together, discovering a solution that aligns with your financial situation. Don’t let banks leave you behind; trust a private lender Kelowna for your mortgage needs and to help you plan for the future. As a mortgage broker, I act as a go-between, my job is to assess your financial situation and present mortgage options that make sense to you. Instead of working for one financial institution, I can represent you to multiple lenders, including chartered banks and credit unions as well as private lenders.

  • We have access to many lenders which means that you will have more options and competitive rates. Our knowledge and experience will also help you determine which lender is best for your situation.
  • A home equity loan with Silver Hill can be a viable option if you are having trouble getting approved by the bank. This is based on your equity.
  • Our team of professional mortgage brokers in Kelowna are not restricted to one lender and that is why they have so many mortgage solutions for you.
  • As a mortgage broker, I act as a go-between, my job is to assess your financial situation and present mortgage options that make sense to you.
  • Matthew cares greatly about his clients and works hard to get them their best possible mortgage rates.