Is Krav Maga A Good Self Defence Art For Women?

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All women and non-binary peoples of all fitness levels are warmly welcomed . Women’s Self Defence Network – Wahine Toa is a national network of accredited instructors providing self-defence and confidence-building skills to girls and women of all ages. The first step to keeping your safety is not to do with learning physical techniques It’s about knowing the energy you’re putting out.

We are enthusiastic about Krav Maga and Self Defence, and are working to dispel this myth. The workshops teach participants valuable life skills, including budgeting, CV writing, and healthy cooking on a tight budget. We also offer workshops to help girls develop self-confidence and mindfulness. In today’s scary world is your child aware of what to do if approached or grabbed by an adult. We provide Kids Self Defence workshops so that both of our children have a chance.

Self-defense Course For Young Women With Disabilities

The YWCA Retreats camps are specifically designed for women and girls with diverse backgrounds stories, cultures, and experiences. We provide at least one retreat for women and two retreats for girls during school holidays each year. The YWCA will take a select number of participants for free change for a limited amount of time to connect and develop the group as a whole. There are numerous retreats that are focused on teamwork and resilience So there’s something for everyone. Read more about more tips here here. Check out our Facebook and Instragram pages for inspiration. Y’s Hub is a closed Facebook Group that allows the YWCA of Hamilton to share the contents of our workshops with an even larger group of women living in the Waikato.

The reality of violence is that we don’t have the option of choosing who, when or where we are likely to be attacked. A man attacking you on the street in the park, or at home is completely different from a woman who is fighting another woman in a sport match. This isn’t possible in a sudden violent attack that occurs while we’re merely going through our day-to-day lives. We don’t want to need to fight for survival. Women can participate in our Krav Maga classes or courses with men and women equally.

Tks Women’s Self

We have a friendly and friendly environment where women are not afraid. As a beginner we will be able to pair you with other women. Once you’re confident, and ready, you are able to partner with the men.